Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Family Fun Night - Lovely Molly and Citadel

Being that I'm married and have a daughter on the way, I'm all about family programming. My wife and I both love horror movies, so I've decided to start making recommendations from my family to yours. If you want some quality entertainment that's fit for you, your significant other, and your 6-year-old son or daughter, all you have to read is my Friday Family Fun Night guide. I've got you covered.

I'll start off the new feature with two movies from 2012 - Lovely Molly and Citadel. They're both character-driven, psychological horror flicks that don't have any qualms about fucking with your mind. They're everything a strong family unit could ever ask for when it comes to spending weekend nights together, huddled under a blanket, discussing the themes each movie might bring up.

Lovely Molly

Lovely Molly follows Molly, a 20-something wife of a truck driver who, along with her husband, moves back into her deceased parents' house. Not long after the move, strange things start happening to her, and her sanity - along with events in her past - come into question.

Why is it fun for the whole family?

First of all, there's the T & A factor. Not only does Gretchen Lodge give (IMO) an Oscar-worthy performance of a mentally crippled woman struggling with demons both real and possibly imagined, but she's also not shy about being fully naked at least a few times during the movie. Then there's that whole bit about being raped by her father.

Sure, the kids are into that. But what about the parents?

Lovely Molly is nothing without its exploration of what makes Molly tick. It's mostly a psychological horror movie, but there's also a hint or suggestion that something supernatural is at play. Lodge really does give a powerhouse performance, and Lovely Molly could have been a lot less interesting with someone else in the role. Also of note, Lovely Molly is directed by Eduardo Sanchez of The Blair Witch fame.


Citadel is about a young father forced to take care of his infant daughter after his wife is attacked by a group of kids. It becomes clear that the kids are more than what they appear, as his life is wrecked by fear and the possibility of his daughter being taken from him almost a year later by the very same assailants who attacked his wife.

Why is it fun for the whole family?

Nothing says "Sit down, little Timmy, let me show you a movie" like one about gangs of lethal kids roaming around the neighborhood, breaking into houses, and brutally murdering people. Once it's over, Timmy might ask you to double-check that the doors are locked. Go ahead and check, and if he's still staring at your alarm system once the T.V. is turned off, just give him a blanket and a pillow so he can be comfortable in his new-found fear of literally everything.

Sure, the kids are into that. But what about the parents?

Citadel starts out by having a very pregnant girl attacked and put in a coma. Her husband, Tommy (expertly played by Aneurin Barnard), subsequently has to raise their daughter on his own, as the mother never wakes up from her condition. As a result of the traumatic experience, Tommy develops a severe form of agoraphobia and can barely leave the house without passing out. His performance - just like Lodge's in Lovely Molly - is the centerpiece of the movie, and Barnard is fantastic. When the shit hits the fan, rooting for him to beat the odds is definitely not a problem. Special mention goes out to the priest who swears like a fucking sailor and knows how to blow up sky rise apartment complexes.

That about does it for this edition of Friday Family Fun Night. Make sure to get the kiddos their favorite candy before you pop in the DVDs. They'll appreciate the sugar rush after about the first half hour.


  1. Even though I gave my boy some warm milk while watching your suggestions he still refused to go to sleep in his own bed. ;-)

    I like this new feature: when is your bundle of joy do to arrive?

    1. Her official due date is March 15th, but my wife is thinking it'll be this month. She'll be 36 weeks on Friday.

      Glad you like the feature. Warm milk is a good start, but you then have to just turn off his bedroom light, close the door, and let him wonder if his window is locked. He'll go right to sleep.


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